20 ml

CC Creamlegs

A touch of make-up for legs. Suitable for all skin types, it evens legs skin tone, minimizes imperfections and improves skin’s natural beauty. A light and easily-absorbed cream, enriched with natural mineral pigments for illuminated, natural and even skin tone.

How to use

Apply evenly to the legs and massage until fully absorbed


Light and beautiful legs, soft and nourished feet throughout the day with the new Delidea range for feet and legs with Ginkgo biloba.
Natural and organic products certified by Natrue formulated to activate microcirculation thanks to the antioxidant properties of Ginkgo biloba and natural extracts like aescin, blueberry, centella, butcher’s broom and mint. 
Specific treatments to soothe tired and heavy-feeling legs, reduce the appearance of varicose veins and provide nourishment for feet and heels. 

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