150 ml

Body creamFirming and elasticising

A rich cream that nourishes and moisturizes your skin, improving firmness and skin tone thanks to Mangosteen and Purple loosestrife extract. Guava extract, rich in vitamin A and C, naturally counteract tissue aging and loss of elasticity. In vivo tests show that after 28 days of application, treated body areas are significantly toned. 

How to use

Apply regularly on breast and décolleté areas and massage until fully absorbed.


A complete body treatment to enhance skin tone, elasticity and compactness thanks to tested formulations created to take care of your body 365 days a year, with extracts of Guava, Mangosteen, Dragon fruit and plant-based oils. The Boosting routine products combine a firming action with a specific BOOST effect for critical areas of the body: breasts, legs and arms.

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