Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

Cosmetic function

Juice extracted under pressure from Aloe vera leaves. Thanks to its particular composition, rich in polysaccharides (particularly glucomannan and mannan), vegetable sterols, mineral salts and vitamins, it is important in cosmetics thanks to its countless properties: moisturising, reacidifying, protective, soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing, which make it the ideal active ingredient for dry and sensitive skins.


Aloe vera is a perennial herbaceous plant of African origin, belonging to the xerophytes species of the Liliaceae family, i.e.: all those plants that, preferring arid climates, have leaves that are able to close the tiny pores (known as stomates) to prevent excessive loss of water and dehydration. Particular chemical substances contained in the leaves of these plants also allow them to heal almost immediately if they are cut, preventing the sap from flowing out. The Aloe plant is about 1 metre tall and the leaves, the colour of which varies from light green to grey-green, are fleshy and have spines along the sides. The aloe juice comes from pressing the leaves.


Besides having been considered, in ancient Egypt, as the plant of everlasting life, certain propitiatory potions required the use of Aloe juice and, for this reason, this succulent plant is still placed in front of the entrance to Egyptian homes to ensure fertility and protection.


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